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The Humane Society of Central Texas (HSCT) is an advocate for the community goal of maintaining a no-kill status at the shelter.  Staff works hard to maintain a 90% or higher live-exit rate.

We are contracting partners with the City of Waco at the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road, which is an open-admission, regional, shelter serving the cities of: Bellmead, Beverly Hills, Bruceville-Eddy, Crawford, Hewitt, Lacy Lakeview, Lorena, Marlin, Mart, McGregor, Moody, Riesel, Robinson, Waco, West and Woodway.  The population served is estimated to be around 260,000 people.

The Humane Society of Central Texas provides adoption, rescue, and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the shelter, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership.

The HSCT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated solely on donations from the community. Without the support from you we are not able to help these precious animals in need.

The shelter has reached no-kill status for one-year, but the doors are never closed to admitted animals making community support extremely important.

We are incredibly grateful for your support! Please consider a tax-deductible donation towards our mission, so we may continue saving the lives of our community's pets!



HSCT Staff

Don Bland, CFRE, Executive Director - (254) 750-7084 - Email

Don arrived at the Humane Society in March of 2012. He attended school in Waco and Valley Mills before heading to college at MCC and graduating from Baylor. Don obtained his Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) certification in 2008. Ask him about his achievement that he enjoyed the most and he will tell you his 2012 Ironman triathlon finish (140.6 miles). He has two dogs that he adopted from the shelter, Rusty and Sydney who is deaf. He has two children and 4 wonderful grandchildren.  


April Plemons, PhD., Assoc. Executive Director - (254) 750-7095 - Email

April is an Aggie at heart and rescuer in her soul. She runs a nonprofit animal rescue called Long Way Home Adoptables focusing on seniors, pregnant mamas, abuse cases, and ones with medical issues. She left her job as a sociology professor to help the Humane Society of Central Texas. She is a furmom to two cats, Goldfish (aka Fishy), Beedle Anne De'Barde (aka Beedle), and three 13 year old chihuahuas, Nutmeg, and (pictured) brothers, Vargas and Bronty.


Lana Crow, Director of Rescues and Adoptions - (254) 750-7088 - Email

Lana rescued her first dog, Rusty, who lived to be 21 years old. Lana has been rescuing animals all her life--it's just who she is! Dogs are her favorite things in life besides her grandkids. She is optimistic that the future is bright for our community's animals, so long as we continue to fight pet overpopulation and help humans continue to spread the word. We have to be their voice.


Libby Sisson, Adoptions/Community Serv Coordinator - (254) 750-7086 - Email


Emily Keil, Foster/Off-Site Coordinator -(254) 750-7087 - Email

Emily is a Waco native and is the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2012 with a B.S. in Animal Science. She began working at the Humane Society in Waco in 2012 as kennel staff before being hired as Foster Coordinator. All of her childhood pets were local strays or HSCTX alumni- a tradition she has continued by adopting two fluffy pups, Daisy and Gypsy, and two unruly but adorable cats, Rowdy and Marie from HSCTX. When she's not cleaning up after dogs and cats she enjoys reading, coffee, and riding with her
rodeo drill team, the Heart of Texas Cowgirls. 


Meghan Ekno, Executive Asstant - (254) 750-7093 - Email 

Meghan was born in California and has lived all over, but now calls Texas "home". Getting her MSW degree from Baylor University brought her to Waco, but the shelter is why she stays. She loves reading, crocheting, animals, and photography. She has two four-legged children (Sadie: the cat, Hershey: the dog). As a volunteer three years ago, she started working with cats, scared Chihuahuas and photographing dogs (and cats too) at the HSCT. Now, she is employeed as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Associate Executive Director and helps with the volunteer program.



Patti Storm, Guest Relations Coordinator - (254) 750-7080 - Email


Daniela Ranzinger, Rescue Coordinator - (254) 750-7085 - Email


Greg Canales, Mobile Adoptions 


City of Waco Staff

Delfi Messinger, Animal Shelter Director - (254) 750-7096 - Email

Luis Leyva, Animal Shelter Supervisor - (254) 750-7082 - Email 

Joel Sanchez, Animal Control Manager - (254) 750 -1766 - Email

Joel as an Animal Control Officer in Sept 2006.  In October 2007, he transferred to Hewitt and worked as their Animal Control Officer before coming back to Waco in March 2008 as the supervisor for Waco Animal Control.  He's seen the shelter progress and grow over the years and witness the transformation from reactive to proactive. Joel is amazed by the partnerships with all the animal welfare organizations that have joined forces here in Waco. Showshoe Siamese, Opossum, is a great listener and loves to hear all it and all about Joel's day!


Dr. Ronald Epps, Animal Shelter Veterinarian - (254) 750-7083 - Email

Dr. Ronald (Ron) Epps was hired by the City of Waco to be the full-time veterinarian at the Waco Animal Shelter in February 2015. Originally from Dallas, Dr. Epps attended Texas A&M University, where he acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. He then received his Master of Science in Epidemiology, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He later opened his own small animal and exotic practice in Bedford, Texas, where he practiced for 20 years. He and his wife Barbara have three daughters and six grandchildren.


HSCT Board of Directors

Rebecca Murphy, President

Cindy Mosley Guy, Vice President

James Beard, Treasurer

Tracy Burch Thompson, Secretary

Ann Shaffer

Cindy Gough

Judy Hersh

Carol South

Ann Shaffer

Steve Gilmore

Liz Rezach 

Ellen Taylor

Brent Kimbrough

Camille Johnson


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