Lost Pets Waco Web Feature!

Have you lost your pet? Instead of waiting to reclaim them at the shelter find out if they were picked up by Animal Care Officers in the field in REAL TIME with the City of Waco's web feature: LostPetsWaco.com.

The City of Waco Animal Care Unit, along with the Animal Shelter, is launching this feature to help citizens with lost pets.  By visiting lostpetswaco.com,  citizens can see, within less than an hour, a map of where animals in the field were picked up by Animal Care Officers, a photo and description of the animal and what time they were picked up.  The map offers a ‘this month’ option, so citizens can see where across Waco and parts of the county that animals were picked up, as well as a search by your address in the hopes that your pet would not wander too far from your residence.

If animals are taken to the shelter and processed, after a 72-hour hold, they will then appear on the Humane Society of Central Texas’ (HSCT’s) website (www.humanesocietycentraltexas.org) as an adoptable animal.

The goal is to make it more convenient for citizens to see where their pet can be located for reclaim.

Animals compliant with Waco’s spay, neuter and microchip ordinance will be scanned for a microchip and attempted to be returned to the owner registered by Animal Care.  It is important that residents check their registration on microchips to ensure correct information.  Compliant animals taken to the shelter, if picked up within 24 hours and current on rabies vaccinations, will be returned to the owner at no charge.

Again, the reclaim numbers for reclaiming your pet at the shelter are consistently low and making this service available could improve pets being returned to their owners.  As always, spay, neuter and microchip your pets!  For more information on spay/neuter/microchip visit: www.spaystreetwaco.com.

Watch the PSA!

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