Monthly Statistics

We utilize the National Federation of Humane Societies Basic Animal Statistical Matrix to track our statistics.

The animal save rate is calculated by: Beginning Shelter Inventory + Intake/Total Live Outcome + Ending Inventory 

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About Our Statistics

The Humane Society of Central Texas uses the National Federation of Humane Societies Basic Animal Stats Matrix for reporting their statistics on a monthly basis.

The age of the animal listed is the age they are considered to be at intake.


Stray/At Large
Admitted through animal control/stated to be unowned or freeroaming

Relinquished by Owner
Surrendered at the shelter by the owner.

Owner-Requested Euthanasia
Limited to this definition: The admission of pets whose owner brought the pet to the shelter with the INTENT of requesting euthanasia.

Other Intake
Impounds for cruelty cases & protective custody.  Also, pets born while in care, and others types of admission not captured above.

Final adoptions only, having permanently left the Agency's possession.  For example, it does not include animals placed in foster care or on overnight 'trial' stays.

Returned to Owner
Stray or owner-reliquished animal returned to their owner

Transferred to Another Agency
Transferred out of the Agency's possession to another entity

Other Live Outcome
Returning cats to the field, barn cat programs, etc

Died in Care
Animals who die while sheltered. 

Lost in Care
Animals whose outcome is unknown (may have escaped the shelter, outcome was not recorded and unknown)

Shelter Euthanasia
All euthanasia other than that performed by the definition below as owner-requested euthanasia. 


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