The subject of many viral videos, what happens to pets when their owners are away from home?


One of my personal favorites is an online recording that the owner of his swimming pool took while he was at work. He couldn’t figure out who was using his aquatic arena complete with waterslide since the deck was soaked when he would get home. He thought some neighborhood kids might be hopping the fence and enjoying his pool and slide while he was busy working. After he set up a camera to check out the mayhem and catch the culprits in the act, he was a little surprised to see the results.


The footage revealed one of his enormous dogs repeatedly climbing the steps to the top of the swimming pool’s waterslide and enjoying the ride, over and over again. What’s really amusing about this tale and the accompanying video surveillance, you have to look at it from the dog’s perspective. Can you imagine the canine’s conundrum, every day he must have been sitting there thinking, when are you going to leave for work already, I’m dying to go for a swim and go down that slide!




Animals are remarkably intelligent and resourceful creatures, sometimes we don’t give them enough credit for the lengths that they are willing to go to in order to achieve their desired results. In another surveillance video, a beagle just can’t stand the smell of chicken nuggets cooking in the toaster oven while his owner is away and devises some outlandish methods for retrieving them.


First, we see him jumping on a chair to get onto the kitchen table to get a bird’s eye view of what he can smell cooking on top of the counter. He then pushes one of the chairs over to the counter and uses it to gain access to the oven. After opening the oven with his paw, he snags one of the nuggets from inside the hot oven. Since one was not enough, he returns and pulls the entire tray of the chicken treats and they hit the kitchen floor for his meal. Amazing!




This yellow lab’s owner tightly secured the kitchen cabinet doors to keep their dog Rufus out of the trash, but that didn’t stop this resourceful canine. As the video shows, first Rufus starts digging at the cabinets with his paws and even manages to open them, but they only yield a tiny bit. Not to be outdone by the ties on the knobs, he continues his breaking-and-entering technique using his teeth on the knobs and ties until he finally succeeds.


Eventually the “master” of this house had to move the trash to prevent their dog from getting stomach distress from digging in the trash. What’s a little ironic about these ingenious animals, while some dogs can be fearful when left alone, others can’t wait for us to leave so they can get into mischief.


To help keep your pet under control and out of trouble while you’re away from home, check out this infographic that shows how to get the best professional pet sitter for your pooch or other curious critter. As the video evidence has shown, they need a little more supervision than we might imagine. 

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