Ways to Help

Dog Walking

Help to increase the adoptability of the dogs in our care by working with specific, positive reinforcement techniques to better socialize and adapt dogs to be more adoptable.  Volunteers are trained to encourage the dogs to focus, sit, and walk well on a leash.   This can be a very physical, outdoor job and many of the dogs are untrained.  Some experience with dogs is helpful as the shelter takes in many different breeds and sizes of dogs.  Volunteers should have basic knowledge of dog behavior, be able to safely handle dogs at all times, and be able to clean up after dogs.


Cat Socializer

Help to provide care and socialization to cats, kittens, rabbits and other small mammals in our care.  Volunteers spend time in the cat room petting, brushing and playing with the cats and provide assistance to members of the public by answering questions about the animals and helping potential adopters to spend time with the animal.  Volunteers should have some knowledge of cat behavior, be able to safely handle all animals in the cat room and help with laundry and dishes.


Off-Site Pet Adoptions

Participate at the Saturday adoption events and Adoptathons at Petsmart.  Duties include transporting animals to the location, loading and unloading of animals, answering questions about the animals to potential adopters and assisting with the adoption process. These includes off-site adoption events at PetSmart, Petco, Panera Bread and Tractor Supply.


Foster Parent

Help save the lives of animals needing temporary housing before they can become available for adoption.  These, cats, kittens, dogs and puppies many need time in a volunteer’s home to recover from an injury, illness or to be weaned off of a bottle feeding.  A wide range of duties and responsibilities are needed from bottle feeding to dispensing daily medication.  Please make sure your other family members or housemates are agreeable to foster animals in your home.


Community Events

Help at special events outside of the shelter.  Tasks can range from planning meetings and fundraising to set up for the day of the event.  Volunteers should be organized, be willing to make phone calls on behalf of the shelter and work within a committee group.


Clerical/Office Volunteer

Help the front desk staff with the many questions, problems and tasks involved at the front desk.  Strong customer service skills, quality phone etiquette and the ability to multi-task are essential to a productive front office volunteer.



Mailing lists, calling for silent auction items, writing thank you cards… you name it, there is a way to help! We accept donations in the form of services, items, food, supplies, treatment, and of course cash, so trying to help us procure those is a big asset! Depending on your talent and resources, the sky’s the limit for you!



In the digital age, images are everything! We are always looking for people to take photos or videos that we may share on social media and our website. From stay at home moms with some extra time on their hands, to art students needing to expand their portfolio, to professionals wanting to donate their services, all are welcome!


Ink Recycling Volunteer

This outreach program keeps you on the move and in constant contact with area businesses.  We are able to raise money for the medical fund by collecting used ink cartridges from area businesses.  Duties include contacting business to become a part of our recycling program, distributing and picking up the collection boxes and generating thank you notes to the local businesses.  Some boxes can be heavy and bulky so usually the volunteer works with another team member and/ or has a large car or SUV. 


Pet Detective

Search CenTexLostPets.org, Central Texas Lost and Found Pets Facebook group, Craigslist, the Waco Tribune-Herald and other places that people looking for their lost pets might post and match them up with the intake photos and try to help locate the owners of pets arriving at the shelter.


Adoption Ambassador Program 

Are you looking for an easy, appealing way to save more lives and engage the community in your mission? Here it is! Adoption Ambassadors "check out" dogs for the day to take around town and market in the community. This is a geat way for animals to be seen outside of the shelter where the public can meet them. Want to join the program? Email elizabeths@hsctx.org for more information about how to get started.




*Check out this link to hear about Adoption Ambassadors in general: http://aspcapro.org/ambassadors.





The first step to volunteering for the Humane Society of Central Texas is to fill out the volunteer inquiry form, then, you will be asked to sign up for an official orientation date. This just lets us know who you are, what you are interested in doing, and when you would like to help out. Fill it out by clicking the black button below!


Volunteer Inquiry Form




Looking to do community service?

Thank you for considering the Humane Society of Central Texas for your Community Service Restitution (CSR) hours. Note that CSR only applies to individuals needing hours due to a court order, pre-trial diversion, or other criminal matter. If you need community service hours for school, an organization, or any other reason, refer to our volunteer information page.


CSR workers are required to:

  • Call 254-754-1454 to verify that your charges do not disqualify you.
  • Disqualifiying charges are those of a violent, sexual or animal offense or theft.

  • You must be 18 or older to complete CSR hours at our location.

  • You must treat animals in our care with kindness and have concern for their welfare.

  • Represent yourself and the Humane Society of Central Texas in a professional manner and treat clients with respect.

  • Be able to complete all duties independently.

  • Down, read and sign waiver.


If you still have questions about our Community Service Restitution Program please give us a call at 254-754-1454. 

Community Service Log  Community Service Waiver