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Ready to volunteer? Great! Let's get started! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Signing up is done in the four easy steps below: 1) Filling out the volunteer inquiry form, 2) Watching the training video, and 3) Attending an in-person orientation day, 4) Pick up a background check form, which has to be signed in front of and verfied by a Notary Public. 

Let's get started!   

**NOTE** If you have not signed up AND watched the video prior to orientation day, you WILL be turned away!


To volunteer for the Humane Society of Central Texas, first fill out the volunteer inquiry form below. This just lets us know who you are, what you are interested in doing, and when you would like to help out. Fill it out by clicking the black button below!



Volunteers help save the lives of thousands of animals each year by assisting in the direct care of animals, fundraising, reaching out to the community and fostering animals in their home.

To join our general volunteer team, just follow these steps:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age. (16-17 year-olds must have a signed waiver by his/her legal guardian. You may print that form here.

  2. Pick up background-check form, fill out and sign in front of, and have varified by a Notary Public.

  3. Be able to fulfill all responsibilities independently.

  4. Be committed to the mission & values of the Humane Society of Central Texas.

  5. Fill out the Volunteer Inquiry form below, watch the training video in Step Two, and sign up for in-person orientation in Step Three.


If you have any questions, please call us at 254-754-1454. Thank you!


Volunteer Inquiry Form



Looking to do community service?

Thank you for considering the Humane Society of Central Texas for your Community Service Restitution (CSR) hours. Note that CSR only applies to individuals needing hours due to a courtorder to make restitution for a minor traffic ticket.

  • Call 254-754-1454 to verify that your charges do not disqualify you. Disqualifiying charges are any and all,  other than at ticket for minor speeding, or running a stop light or red light without causing an accident.

  • Be 18 or older to complete CSR hours.

  • Pass a background check. Please pick up an application which has to be signed and verified by a notary public.

  • Treat animals in our care with kindness and have concern for their welfare.

  • Represent yourself , the Humane Society of Central Texas and the City of Waco Animal Shelter itself in a professional manner and treat everyone with respect.

  • Be able to complete all duties independently.

  • Read and sign waiver below.

  • Fill out the Community Service Inquiry form below, watch the training video in Step Two, and attend an in-person orientation in Step Three.


Don't forget to fill out the Community Service Inquiry form below before proceeding to Step Two.


Community Service Inquiry Form




Community Service Log  Community Service Waiver





Already submitted the volunteer inquiry form? Wonderful!! It's time to move on to the next step! You will need to watch the training video prior to attending the in-person orientation. THE VIDEO IS REQUIRED. If you have not watched the video prior to in-person orientation, you will not be permitted to start volunteering.


Once you have watched the brief training video, please attend an in-person orientation. Orientation is held every other Friday at 5:00pm and every other Saturday at 10:00am, and volunteers cannot attend volunteer until all three steps on this page have been completed (volunteer inquiry form, training video, and attended an in-person orientation).


Watch the training video below!







BACKGROUND CHECKS:  The City of Waco is requiring us to perform background checks on all volunteers and community service members.  After applying to volunteer, please come to the Humane Society to complete a background check.  Once you recieve an email with your PIN number, you will then need to attend a volunteer orientation. 

Already submitted your volunteer inquiry form, submitted your background check paperwork, and watched the training video? Fantastic! Now, let's get you finished up. The final step before becoming a volunteer is to attend an in-person orientation training. You do not need to sign up, simply show. ORIENTATION IS HELD EVERY SATURDAY AT 10:00am. If you are late, you will not be allowed to stay for orientation, so we strongly recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes early.


Orientation lasts about 30 minutes, and you can volunteer immediately after its completion. Please dress in pants and comfortable shoes, as you will be touring the facility and working with the animals. Safety first!



You are ready to get started!

See you at orientation! Thank you so much for volunteering for the Humane Society of Central Texas. We couldn't save lives without you.