Project Unicorn

Waco unicorns are real!

At HSCTX, we believe that #EveryWacoAnimalDeservesAChance. That means that even dogs with advanced behavior issues get the same chance to find a loving forever home as other dogs do, regardless of their history. In many cases, these dogs have been adopted and returned to the shelter repeatedly. They tend to be overstimulated at the shelter, causing them to show signs of fear, anxiety, stress, aggression, and frustration that make it nearly impossible to help them here. Other dogs have issues that don’t manifest at the shelter so we can only address them in a home environment, like being protective of furniture or afraid of delivery trucks.

Mike Gray, our Canine Behavior and Enrichment Specialist, works individually with every one of these dogs, calling in professional trainers to assist in developing rehabilitation plans for them. But we know that's not enough. Luckily, our good friend Greg May (from Greg May Honda and Greg May Hyundai) is providing HSCTX with a monthly behavior training stipend that allows us to truly help these animals that others have given up on!!! But in order to really ensure that these dogs ultimately find forever homes, we also need UNICORNS!

UNICORN Families have no dogs, no cats, and no kids, and are willing to commit to a structured behavior program fully supported by our Canine Behavior and Enrichment Specialist alongside professional dog trainers to change the life of a dog that has little hope of leaving the Waco Animal Shelter alive. Since every dog is different, they each have specific requirements for their UNICORN families. Some require a family to come to the shelter a few times to meet with the dog and Mike before going home, while others can go home right away. In every case, the Unicorn dog is always accompanied home by Mike and a professional trainer who will provide guidance and tips on how to help the dog get settled in, and share with them all the information about the training program that they are required to attend. 

Mike checks in with the UNICORN family regularly, and he is available 24/7 on the UNICORN hotline for emergencies.   

If you are UNICORN, we need you!!! You could be the exact right person we need to help save the life of a special shelter animal that everyone else has given up on. For more information, contact Mike Gray on the UNICORN Hotline (254) 327-7624.    EMAIL

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We are contracted by the City of Waco to provide adoption, rescue and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the Waco Animal Shelter, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership. Donate today to support our lifesaving programs!


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