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If you've recently lost a pet, please check out the Lost Pets pages first. We place a 72-hour hold on all found pets to give you time to claim them before they are made available for adoption.

More resources for lost pets

The Humane Society of Central Texas uses the National Federation of Humane Societies Basic Animal Stats Matrix for reporting their statistics on a monthly basis.

The age of the animal listed is the age they are considered to be at intake.

  1. Check the Lost Pets Waco web page first! Animals that are lost or picked up by Animal Care Officers will be on this map (updated hourly).  If you identify your pet, get to the Animal Shelter as soon as you can and start the reclaim process with staff

  2. You may also check PetHarbor.com as animals received at the Animal Shelter are also listed here.

  3. Visit the Waco Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road, to see if someone has turned it in. Make sure to check the hours of operation.  Complete your information on the Lost Pet Report Log in the intake office.

  4. Contact Central Texas Lost & Found Pets Facebook page and search for your pet or post your animal if its not listed.  Also contact CenTexLost Pets and their Facebook page

  5. Print flyers and post in your area.  Post Lost Pet flyers at vet offices, convenience stores and other high-traffic businesses near your home, and also to hand out to your neighbors! Post the LOST PET poster to your vehicle's windows for more exposure! KNOCK ON NEIGHBORS' DOORS... PETS ARE USUALLY FOUND WITHIN A SHORT DISTANCE OF THEIR HOME.

  6. FACEBOOK and share!  With a very large Facebook following, we have had MANY lost/found pet reunions!

  7. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL IMMEDIATELY!  Ask if they picked up your animal, and if they brought the animal to the City of Waco Animal Shelter or some other facility. Most cities are contracted with us, but a few are not.

  8. COME TO THE SHELTER EVERYDAY! You are still responsible for coming to the shelter to look for your pet. We can take in hundreds of animals and you are the best one to ID your own pet!

  9. NEWSPAPER ADS. There is a charge to run LOST PETS ads, but some people have had luck! Many people still run to the newspaper when they find a pet.

  10. POSTING ONLINE.  Check or post online at free sites like Craigslist.com, but be wary of scammers. As a safety measure, when posting a LOST PET, you are welcome to use our shelter as a meeting place to pick up the pet: 2032 Circle Road.

  11. MICROCHIPS SAVE LIVES! And they are the law in the City of Waco.  Be sure all your pets are microchipped. We offer low-cost microchip ($20 plus tax) for ANY pet in Central Texas.

The Humane Society of Central Texas

We are contracting partners with the City of Waco at the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road. We provide adoption, rescue and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the Animal Shelter, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership.

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