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We know you love animals so we are rolling out an exciting new Volunteer Program at the Humane Society of Central Texas to give you more opportunities than ever to work with them!!!! We want you to join us and be a Member of our team so we can save animals together! All you have to do is sign up for an account on GIVEPULSE and complete a New Member Form to let us know that you are interested in helping animals right here in Waco, either now or in the future. We will contact you about volunteer training, events, and other opportunities that will begin as soon as the social distancing rules are relaxed.

If you would like to volunteer right now, we ask that you make an appointment to foster animals (click here to complete a foster application), share our social media posts (can you put links to our FB, Twitter, and Instagram?), and even create some of your own posts to help us market animals for adoption! You can find photos of our current animals in albums on our FB page, and here on our new and improved website! The Waco Animal Shelter is not closing its doors so that means we have just as many animals coming in now as we ever did, and it is more important than ever that we move them out quickly so none are at-risk. Right now today we have over 100 dogs and cats who need you to help them find loving homes!

You can be a #WacoAnimalHero by helping animals right here in our community. Please join us because #EveryWacoAnimalDeservesAChance!

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